About asparagus

Green and white asparagus

Green and white asparagus

Natural asparagus are green, but the sprouts are bleached by covering them with soil. The covering with soil is the factor that makes the difference between green and white asparagus, since all the asparagus are originally green. For example, species in Germany or Netherlands that are grown as white asparagus, in Sweden are grown as green asparagus.

Due to the resistance of soil, white asparagus grow slower than the green ones therefore they grow fatter and more fruitful. To protect themselves from the soil white asparagus develop the shell that has to be peeled off before use. As the consequence, white asparagus can contain more bitter substances while the green ones will have stronger and more spectacular flavor of asparagus. The nutrient content of white and green asparagus is quite similar, though more vitamins and minerals will be found in green asparagus.

The main difference for asparagus planters is that green asparagus are easier to harvest than white ones, however the harvest is smaller and they are more susceptible to frost, wind and insects. While for the consumers the only difference between green and white asparagus is in their taste and traditions.       


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