Asparagus with rhubarb sauce

Asparagus with rhubarb sauce


500 grams of fresh green asparagus

200 grams of rhubarbs- 2 stems of medium size

2 tablespoons of sugar

1 tablespoon of honey

Salt, white pepper according to taste

The sauce preparation: rhubarbs are peeled off, cut into pieces of 1 cm length and put on frying pan with a lid for steaming (without water) in low temperature. When water has come out of rhubarbs, the lid is taken off and let it boil out until the rhubarb pieces become soft. The sugar and honey are mixed in letting them melt. Butter and spices are added according to taste. If necessary, more sugar is added. The sauce can be made earlier and heated up when necessary.


Preparation of asparagus: asparagus are washed, the stem ends are cut off if necessary. Then boiled in salty water for 3-8 minutes and served immediately, pouring over with rhubarb sauce.