Grilled asparagus with goat cheese cream

Grilled asparagus with goat cheese cream


500 grams of fresh asparagus (1kg if it is the main meal)

100 grams of goat cheese

150-200 grams of sweet cream (depending on the structure of goat cheese)

2 teaspoons of sour cream (low fat content) 

Cream preparation: goat cheese is cut into cubes and blended together with sweet and sour cream until the mixture is monolithic. It is served either cold or warm together with grilled or steamed asparagus. To be sprinkled over with finely chopped spring onions.


Grilling: thin asparagus are selected or thicker asparagus are cut lengthwise. They are poured over with good olive oil or rapeseed oil. The grilling itself is a quick procedure since stems of asparagus quickly change the color. Salt is sprinkled over if necessary.