Green asparagus soup

Green asparagus soup


500 grams of fresh asparagus, possibly second class (lower quality)

7 ½ cups of water

1 ½ chicken broth cubes

1 ½ table spoon of flour

1 cup of sweet cream

Salt, white pepper by choice

Preparation: if only buds are used, asparagus can be cooked separately and added when soup is ready.

If cooked together, whole asparagus, apart from buds, are to be used, by cutting ends of stems if necessary. Asparagus are cut into pieces put in boiling water and cooked for 3-8 minutes until they become soft. Chicken broth cubes, salt and pepper are added while continuing boiling. The flour is mixed into sweet cream, for monolithic mass to form that is added to soup and boiled for 3-5 minutes. Additional spices are added, upon necessity. Upon serving the soup can be decorated with greenery- basil, spring onions, etc.