Parfait of asparagus with lime

Parfait of asparagus with lime


Asparagus buds from 500grams of fresh green asparagus, not too thick

4 egg yolks,

3 cups of sweet cream,

1 cup of sugar

1 lime

Preparation: egg yolks and sugar are mixed up until sugar melts down. Asparagus buds are lightly boiled  and cooled. Cooled off asparagus buds are mixed together with lime sauce. Previously made mixture is put together with asparagus. Make a whipped cream and mix in paste of asparagus. The prepared mixture is poured into a plate that is washed with cold water, later on put in a fridge for 4-5 hours. Take out dessert from freezer 15 minutes before it is served. Served with fresh strawberries and fruits.