Salmon with roasted asparagus

Salmon with roasted asparagus

Ingredients (2 helpings):

400 grams of small potatoes cut in half if big enough

2 tablespoons of olive oil

8 asparagus stems cut in half

Cherry tomatoes

1 tablespoon of Balsamico vinegar

2 salmon fillets, each one of about 150 grams

Fresh basil leaves

Preparation: the oven is heated up to 220 degrees. Small potatoes are put into the baking dish, poured over with a tablespoon of olive oil and cooked for 20 minutes until slightly brownish. Asparagus with stem ends cut off (if necessary) are added to the seared potatoes and cooked for another 15 minutes. Cherry tomatoes are added and among vegetables salmon fillets are placed. Everything is poured over with Balsamico and the remaining olive oil, cooked for 10-15 minutes until salmon is ready. It is served by sprinkling over with fresh basil leaves.