Chicken fricassee with potatoes and asparagus

Chicken fricassee with potatoes and asparagus


1 tablespoon of oil, preferably peanut oil

4 slices of smoked bacon, cut

6 chicken fillets

700 grams of potatoes

250 grams of asparagus stems, cut into slices

250 milliliters of dry fruit cider

1 tablespoon of corn starch, mixed with a little bit of water

250 milliliters of soya milk

2 tablespoons of chopped parsley

Preparation: bacon is seared in a frying pan. When it is done and the bacon is taken out of pan, chicken fillets can be slightly roasted in the same pan, for 4-5 minutes when both sides turn brownish. The frying pan is recommended to be large enough for all the other ingredients. Meanwhile, potatoes are boiled in salty water until soft. Asparagus are boiled in boiling salty water for 3-8 minutes until soft. The fried chicken in pan is poured over with fruit cider, it is then heated up on the stove until it starts boiling, then temperature is to be lowered. Previously seared bacon is added and cooked for another 10-15 minutes until chicken fillets are fully roasted. Corn starch paste is mixed in.  Add and mix in soya milk. Mix in the strained vegetables- potatoes and asparagus. It is served by sprinkling over with chopped parsley.