Pasta with asparagus cream

Pasta with asparagus cream


1 bunch of asparagus

150 milliliters of sweet cream

2 garlic heads, peeled off but not cut up

50 grams of grated Parmesan cheese

250 grams of pasta, preferably tagliatelle 

Preparation: asparagus are prepared for boiling by cutting off stem ends if necessary. In a small frying pan or kettle, the sweet cream with garlic heads is boiled. When the sweet cream is heated up, the garlic heads are taken out letting it cool off. Asparagus are boiled in salty water for 3-8 minutes until soft. After straining, it is added to sweet cream together with ½ of grated cheese. The mixture is blended until monolithic. Pasta is made according to instructions, later on strained. It is then mixed together with warmly made asparagus cream (if necessary, it can be warmed up again). It is served by sprinkling over with the remaining cheese.