Pasta with chicken, asparagus and fried bacon slices

Pasta with chicken, asparagus and fried bacon slices


500 grams of asparagus

2 lemons

100 grams of bacon in thin slices

500 grams of pasta, preferably farfalle

50 grams of butter

280 milliliters of sweet cream

2 boiled chicken breasts, with total weight of 250 grams, cu into slices

50 grams of grated Parmesan cheese for serving

Salt, pepper 

Preparation: Stem ends of asparagus are cut off if necessary and they are cut into vertical slices, buds are cut off separately. Asparagus, except of buds, are boiled in salty water for 3-8 minutes, then adding buds and boiling for another minute. Then, they are cooled off under cold, running water, strained. Lemons are peeled off, including the white part, with cutting out of soft part and cutting it into small pieces. The bacon is seared until crispy. Pasta is boiled into salty water until al dente. While pasta is cooked, butter is melted on a frying pan with ½ of sweet cream, boiled for 2-3 minutes in low temperature until the mixture becomes slightly thick. The soft part of lemon and its juice are added, together with chicken slices, asparagus and salt. Turn off the stove. Pasta is strained off and together with the remaining sweet cream mixed into prepared sauce. Salt, peppers and cheese are added. Mixed once again. Serve immediately decorating with seared bacon.