Asparagus pates

Asparagus pates


Flour for pouring

375 grams of flaky paste in plates

150 grams of creamy cheese upon choice

Thin slices of smoked ham

400 grams of asparagus stems, ends cut off, if necessary

1 egg, scrambled

Green salad


Preparation: oven is heated up to 200 degrees. The flour is sprinkled over the working surface, paste plates are cut into square shapes in the right size for the pates to obtain the form of envelope. Creamy cheese is put on each of paste square (leaving about 1 cm uncovered space from each side). Each of the ham slices are put around 3-5 asparagus stems. The prepared rolls are arranged in the middle of each square, sprinkled over by spices. The sides of the pastes left open are spread with egg and folded in like an envelope. Each of the pates is spread with egg and put in a frying pan. They are cooked for 20-25 minutes until pastry turns to golden shade and pate is slightly puffed. Meal is served immediately together with seasonal green salad.