Asparagus soup with crispy rolls

Asparagus soup with crispy rolls


2 sliced onions

25 grams of butter

650 grams of asparagus, stem ends cut off if necessary

1 liter of vegetable broth

150 grams of soft goat cheese

8 thin Baguette slices

1 tablespoon of oil

25 grams of blanched hazel nuts roasted and chopped

350 grams of frozen beans


Preparation: butter is melted on frying-pan and onions seared until soft. Asparagus buds are cut off and put aside, others are cut into pieces and fried with onions. Frying is done for few minutes, then broth is added. Put on a lid and boil for 10 minutes, then lid is taken off, beans mixed in and boiled for another 2 minutes. The mixture is then blended until it is monolithic, still continuing to boil, adding spices. If the mixture seems too thick, some water is added. While the soup is cooked, cut buds of asparagus are boiled in salty water until soft, then the water is strained. If the soup is not served immediately, before serving it is warmed up in low temperature. Slices of baguettes are sprinkled with oil, toasted and spread with goat cheese. The meal is served by pouring soup in plates by placing crispy goat cheese roll in the middle while decorating with boiled buds of asparagus.