About asparagus

The selection of plants

The selection of plants

The experience of asparagus cultivation in different places is different therefore particular attention must be paid to the selection of the sort (of asparagus). Every sort has its characteristic features.

For example, RAMBO, is very strong sort which is well suitable both for household and more extensive cultivation. RAMIRES and GIJNLIM are the main sorts whose plants are used for commercial cultivation of asparagus. These asparagus sorts are early harvested with high yields. RAMIRES, with the average thickness of stems is comparatively new and prospective sort, while GIJNLIM with thin stems is one of the most well-known sorts of asparagus cultivated in the Northern Europe. 

RAMON is relatively new sort with the average thickness of stems, as well as RAFFAELO, with thicker stems and later harvest. Both of these sorts are an excellent supplement for the longer harvesting seasons.

BACKLIM is the sort with lower harvest and worse quality of buds than other sorts, but still attractive because of visual appearance and long usage period.     

The asparagus sort of PRIMA VERDE is light-green, flaky and with sweeter taste. It is also called the salad asparagus, since they can be eaten fresh and unprocessed. The harvest is early and rich.

Interesting sort of asparagus is BURGUNDINE which is violet before cooking. This sort is particularly suitable for northern climatic conditions. 


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