About asparagus

Fertilization and watering

Fertilization and watering

Asparagus is quite demanding plant in terms of nutrients, for which the occurrence of weeds is not be allowed, so that the harvest of the plants wouldn’t be reduced. 

The soil has to be fertilized in the same year before planting, 0,5kg of fertilizers for the area of 10 square meters, as well as in the middle of the summer.  There’s no need for further fertilization.

The next year after the planting, the amount of fertilization has to be increased up to 1,5 kg of fertilizers per 10 square meters of soil. Half of the required fertilizers is to be used right after the harvest while the other half around the middle of the summer.

In all of the subsequent years, the soil is to be fertilized by 1kg of fertilizers per 10 square meters of soil only once, right after the harvest, but not later than the middle of summer.

 The organic fertilizers can be used instead of artificial ones, increasing the amount of fertilizers by three to four times.

The right watering system makes asparagus succulent. A couple of hours before planting the asparagus plants should be soaked in lukewarm water. Upon necessity, the plants should be watered in the first year of their planting. 

Asparagus need a lot of water, especially in summer when their leaves become heavy. But, as the roots go deep into the soil, an additional watering is not needed, unless the summer is very dry.   

It has to be considered that it’s not beneficial for the roots of asparagus plants to stay in water, so you have to avoid rather wet soils. 


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