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Tips for storage of asparagus

Tips for storage of asparagus

Asparagus are perishable products therefore they have to be bought when just harvested. The buds must be hard while stems have to be cut and elastic.

 With the right approach, asparagus can be stored even up to 7-9 days, when unwashed stems without sprouts are wrapped in a wet towel and placed in the fridge in a temperature of +2/-4 degrees. In this case, before cooking, few centimeters from the stem ends of asparagus must be cut off and placed for one hour in cold water.   

To prepare asparagus for refrigeration, they are washed, the bottom part of stems is cut off after which they are dried up. Upon necessity, asparagus can be cut. For short-term refrigeration, up to 4 months, it is not necessary to blanch asparagus unless they are too thick. If the refrigeration period is longer than 4 months (up to 10 months), the thicker green and white asparagus are boiled for 2-4 minutes and cooled afterwards. They are then refrigerated, after being packed in right portions. In this case, before cooking, there’s no need to defreeze asparagus.            


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