About asparagus

Boiling and serving

Boiling and serving

If asparagus are to be served as a snack, 150 grams are to be calculated per person, about 250 grams per person as a garnish to main meal but 500grams per person if asparagus is served as the main course. 

Asparagus are washed in a cold water, then their stem ends are cut off, few centimeters, i.,e,  if they are hard. White asparagus have to be peeled off before cooking using vegetable peeler or special knife for peeling asparagus. Asparagus is hold by fingers and peeled top-down, from thinner to thicker end.

Sufficiently wide kettle is used so that asparagus can be placed there in full length or special kettle for asparagus boiling is used. Pour the water in the kettle and add salt. At first, flashy asparagus are put into the kettle. Green asparagus are boiled for 3-8 minutes but white ones about 8-12 minutes depending on thickness and desired softness that can be checked by digging in toothpick or fork. Asparagus shouldn’t be overdone. After boiling, asparagus must be strained. Serving is immediate. If it is planned to serve them cold, boiled asparagus are washed under cold running water.

Asparagus are served with different sauces, vine vinegars or simply with cold or melted butter. You can serve it with the toast. Boiled or smoked ham, salmon or trout, as well as other smoked fish can be used as a dressing.   


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