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The selection of wine

The selection of wine

Some say wine is not recommended to be served by asparagus, although asparagus and wine are an excellent combination. There are some explanations to it:

  • Asparagus contain oxalic acid, but its content is so low, with little effect on vine’s taste
  • The bitter substances in white asparagus may sometimes but not always give bitter taste to wine
  • Monosodium glutamate is flavor enhancer of taste (not a spice) found in many food products, including asparagus, tomatoes, chicken broth cubes and ready- made food. Natrium glutamate intensifies metallic taste in wine, especially red wine.

However, monosodium glutamate is neutralized by, for example, serving asparagus with melted butter and bacon. The baking has the same effect. So, by the help of salt, it is possible to have wine as companion by asparagus. The question is which wine to select?

Germany which is one of the largest asparagus consumers in the world, white halbtrocken wine, semi-dry and dry is used by asparagus.  Very popular are Riesling, Sylvaner and the like .

One of the largest asparagus cultivation regions in Netherlands is located in Limburg, north of Mastricht. There are several asparagus cultivation farms offering the possibility to see how asparagus are grown and sold. Three or four asparagus meals can be tasted in more than 80 restaurants where the prevailing are ALSACE wines. The favorite one being PINOT BLANC, which unaffected by the taste of asparagus is actually a perfect match with asparagus, served with hams, eggs and butter.  

CHARDONNAY is usually served by boiled asparagus in France and Italy which is a good match with different sauces which are added to asparagus, for example, butter sauce or the Dutch sauce. If asparagus are sprinkled with Parmesan cheese, it only brings out and intensifies the taste of CHARDONNAY.

Also CHARDONNAY is recommended by baked asparagus or light red wine, for example,  BEAUJOLAIS or PINOT NOIR from ALSACE.

The sherry is the best alternative by asparagus soup.   


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